Venice Film Festival 2004

Finding Neverland Premiere

On September 4, 2004, Johnny Depp arrived in Venice for the screening of FINDING NEVERLAND at the Venice Film Festival. With co-star Kate Winslet and director Marc Forster, Johnny fielded questions from the press corps about his portrayal of J. M. Barrie, the Scottish playwright who created Peter Pan. Asked if he would like to share Peter Pan's perennial youth, Johnny replied, "No. Of course the notion is beautiful--the idea of staying a boy or a child forever. But I think you can. I've known plenty of people in their later years who were like little kids, had the energy of little children, the curiosity and fascination. I think we can keep that. It's important that we keep that." The photographs in this gallery, shot at the press conference and the screening of FINDING NEVERLAND, prove Johnny's point: he looks amazingly young and, as always, beautiful.

--Part-Time Poet






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