Pictures of the Week: 2008

This gallery collects the photos which the Zone offered as the "Picture of the Week" during the year 2008--a very lively and eventful year which featured an unprecedented number of impromptu public appearances by Johnny Depp during the filming of Michael Mann's PUBLIC ENEMIES. Following our custom for the past eleven years, our Picture of the Week always privileges new photos of Johnny whenever they are available; however, when Johnny is not out-and-about, we fill the void with beloved vintage photos that attempt to capture the full range of Johnny Depp's career. Also following Zone tradition, we "held over" some favorite pictures for more than one week because we could not bear to part with them too quickly.

The gallery displays 44 photographs in the order in which they were featured on the Zone, so it begins with the whirlwind of promotion for SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET, and the London and Paris premieres. Other major public appearances in 2008 include the Oscar ceremony, the PUBLIC ENEMIES filming and meet-and-greets, the MTV Movie Awards in June, and the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concerts in August.

Many thanks to Sleepy, Bonnie, AnaMaria, Theresa, Hiro3 and Dharma_Bum for their contributions to this gallery. We hope this trip down Memory Lane gives you many reasons to smile.

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