In Character

"I love the challenge of playing eccentrics," Johnny Depp told an interviewer in 2001. "I don't see the point in playing the usual kind of leading men type roles, and I also don't feel that I'm necessarily right for those kind of parts. [. . .] Mainly the thing which attracts me is how many odd layers I can find in a role. That's what excites me as an actor--it's the process of creating a character and playing with all the possibilities."

This gallery, IN CHARACTER, salutes Johnny's creativity by presenting one image from each of his major roles to date. Surely no living actor can match the range, variety, and emotional depth of his portrayals. The IN CHARACTER gallery affirms Johnny Depp's place as the most versatile actor of his generation.

Photographs in this gallery were contributed by AnaMaria, Emma, Endora, Evochka, FANtasticJD, Hiro3, Joni, Part-Time Poet, Pixie, Sleepy, and Theresa; many thanks to all the Zoners.

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