Who’s Who in the “With Friends” Gallery

From left to right:

Row 1: Francois Marie Banier, photographer; Robin Baum, Johnny’s publicist; Orlando Bloom; Helena Bonham Carter

Row 2: Marlon Brando; Jerry Bruckheimer; Tim Burton (1998); Tim Burton (2007)

Row 3: Nicolas Cage; Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash; Sacha Baron Cohen; Gerry Conlon, Irish political activist

Row 4: Benecio Del Toro; Christi Dembrowski, Johnny’s sister and president of Infinitum Nihil; Ted Demme, director of BLOW; J. P. Donleavy, author of THE GINGER MAN

Row 5: Faye Dunaway; Frederic Forrest; Vincent Gallo; Terry Gilliam, director of FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS

Row 6: Allen Ginsberg, poet; Freddie Highmore; Tracey Jacobs, Johnny’s agent; Jim Jarmusch, director of DEAD MAN

Row 7: Sal Jenco, Gibby Haynes and Bill Carter, members of Johnny’s band P; Jerry Judge, head of security; Emir Kusturica, director of ARIZONA DREAM; Emir Kusturica in 2010

Row 8: Martin Landau; Christopher Lee; Marilyn Manson; Bill Murray

Row 9: Ve Neill, Johnny’s makeup artist; Vanessa Paradis (2004 Oscars); Vanessa Paradis (2005 SAG Awards); Sean Penn

Row 10: Iggy Pop; Christina Ricci; Keith Richards; Miranda Richardson, SLEEPY HOLLOW co-star

Row 11: Robert Rodriguez, director of ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO; Julian Schnabel, director of BEFORE NIGHT FALLS; Patti Smith, musician and poet; Taraf de Haidouks, musicians

Row 12: Hunter S. Thompson; Hunter S. Thompson (1998); Gore Verbinski, director of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trilogy; John Waters, director of CRY-BABY

Row 13: Paul Whitehouse, British comedian and star of THE FAST SHOW; Kate Winslet; Bruce Witkin, Johnny’s bandmate in The Kids; Ron Wood and Keith Richards

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