The Tourist

"It all started when I met a woman," Johnny Depp’s character, Frank Tupelo, tells the audience in the trailer for THE TOURIST; since the woman, Elise Ward, is played by Angelina Jolie, the apparently hapless Frank of course follows wherever this glamorous woman of mystery leads him.

Where she leads him is Venice, and neither Ms. Jolie nor the magnificent city of canals has ever looked more beautiful on film. Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, an Oscar-winner for THE LIVES OF OTHERS, brings European elegance and a painter's sensibility to this Hitchcock-inspired romantic thriller full of intrigue and deception, a remake of the French film ANTHONY ZIMMER, where almost every player has a secret agenda and everyone's motives are open to question. Henckel von Donnersmarck surrounds his leading actors with an able supporting cast, led by Paul Bettany as a dogged, obsessed Scotland Yard investigator and Timothy Dalton as his out-of-patience superior, but wisely focuses most of the attention on the cat-and-mouse game between his spectacular stars. "THE TOURIST doesn’t have to supply much of an effort to keep eyes glued to the screen, with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie," notes one approving critic. "Ordered to carry the film with their inherent smolder, [. . .] both actors commit low-key, but comforting work as the tangled duo, with Jolie turning on the glamour high beams to communicate Elise's command over all men, cutting through the scenery like cherry-lipped royalty, making Depp's performance of astonished reactions amusing for its realism."

For Johnny, long known for his portrayals of quirky, outside-the-mainstream characters, creating Frank Tupelo, whom Johnny describes as "Mr. Ordinary," presented a new challenge. Asked by Celebrity Wire to describe the elements of the film, a chuckling Johnny responded, "Automatic weapons, first and foremost. Fear . . . panic . . . a stranger on a train . . . and intrigue. Danger. Fear." Prodded to describe his character, Johnny said, "Frank, for me, represented the Everyman — what is accepted by society as 'the normal man.' Everyday guy. Math teacher from Wisconsin. [He] ends up [. . .] on a train in Venice, is approached by, you know, probably the most beautiful woman he's ever come into contact with. And she appears to be quite interested in him. Asks him to come with her [. . .] and spend time with her. And he does . . . and then the automatic weapons ensue, and the romance ensues, and it gets pretty crazy from then on."

Although U.S. audiences were slow to warm up to the film’s leisurely-paced storytelling and sophisticated charm, THE TOURIST proved to be a bona fide box office hit, earning more than $278 million worldwide, and garnering three Golden Globe nominations — for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical, and for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie as Best Actor and Actress, Comedy or Musical.

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