Birthday Project final weekend--an update

Give in Johnny's honor and support a Wisconsin children's hospital.
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Unread post by Jasper » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:25 am

It amazes me that, like Johnny, one person--and forgive me if there are more involved in the organization of this project--can have such an effect on so many as well! Thank you, ptp, and anyone else who helped organize this project. I was sitting here imagining if word got out--and not that we are going to be/ should ever, ever, ever be the types to "toot our own horns," for that defeats the very purpose and nature for why and for whom we do give--but I hope what has started here at the zone will catch on and spread and grow each year, not just here at the zone, but beyond it as well! A HUGE thanks to the folks here at the zone who are in the business of not only propagating fans, but love, grace, and generosity as well! :worldhug: :truefan: