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Video Guidelines

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Video Guidelines
  • Video clips must be hosted offsite. Use a free service like or or a subscription service like or to upload the videos.

  • Do not post direct links to videos hosted on other Depp fan sites. You may post direct links to major sites such as, the BBC, AOL’s Moviefone, YouTube, or other sites that are not forum-based fan sites.

  • Unless otherwise specified, you may post videos from the Zone on other Depp forums. Do not copy the download link from the Zone—you must reupload the video to a separate hosting service.

  • Do not post any of the Zone’s videos on community sites like YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion.

  • Please make your video requests in the DeppChat & Pic Parties forum, not the Video forum. We want to keep the forum clear for clips only, not requests.

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