INSPIRATION ~ Wednesday, Jan 25

Depp-inspired quotes and words of encouragement
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INSPIRATION ~ Wednesday, Jan 25

Unread post by Chocolat » Wed Jan 25, 2023 1:00 am


What’s Yoda’s last name?

What currency do they use in outer space?

What do you call the cleavage between breast implants?
Silicon Valley.

Where do rainbows go when they’re bad?
Prism. It’s a light sentence.

If you loose a sock in the dryer, it returns as a Tupperware lid that doesn't fit any containers.

My dog will eat anything until you put a pill in it.
Then he's Gordon Ramsey.

Jellyfish are just wet ghosts.

The first person to hear a parrot talk was probably not OK for several days.


Have a fun filled Wednesday! Image
Through the years, for the many xoxo's, giggles & kindness...
thank you & love you Johnny.

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INSPIRATION ~ Wednesday, Jan 25

Unread post by mytreasure » Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:47 am

To the guy who invented zero.
Thanks for nothing.

My girlfriend poked me in the eye.
So I stopped seeing her for awhile.

Robin: "The batmobile isn't starting!"
Batman: "Did you charge the battery?"
Robin: "What the heck is a tery?"

My granny hates her new starlift.
She says it drives her up a wall.


*Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.*
~Dearest Captain Jack, May your compass always lead you back to us...~