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What is the Zone?

The Zone is a fan site where people who enjoy Johnny Depp and his movies can gather, browse our photos and read our articles, and trade views with other fans on our forums. We are here to appreciate Johnny Depp's artistry and celebrate his life and his work.

Johnny is a non-profit website not officially authorized by or affiliated with Johnny Depp, his management, agent, publicist or any of his film projects.

Our aim is to bring you the biggest & best quality photos of Johnny available on the web plus the most up-to-date news on his work, in an informative, high quality and respectful website - with a dash of humor and collegiality thrown in. We have many ideas of features we would like to add to the Zone. We will be changing photos in the galleries regularly and will be adding some print features as well, so check back often to see what's new. We're proud of our site and we hope that you enjoy it.

Who runs this site?

The Zone is run by Deppheads for fellow fans. Rosemary (aka Sleepy) is the founding member -- the Zone was her idea. Maria (aka Mostly Harmless) is the web designer and Natalie (aka Part-Time Poet) is the webmistress. We are all fans who admire Johnny Depp's work and his approach to life, and enjoy running this fan site about him. Rosemary is responsible for the massive picture collection that makes up the Zone's rotating photo galleries; Maria does the site design; and Natalie writes copy, does maintenance, and keeps the Zone running. We all live in the USA, with Rosemary based in Oklahoma, Maria in Florida, and Natalie in California. We have only met in cyberspace, never in person, but our love for Johnny and his work makes distance disappear.

Rosemary became a fan after seeing Donnie Brasco back in 1997. She began contributing photos from her collection to a website dedicated to Johnny, and when that site closed down Rosemary launched the Johnny Depp Zone with Sherry (who did the website work) in August 1999. Irene, the Zone's next webmistress, became a fan in late 1998 after seeing Dead Man as part of a season of Depp films on TV. She became a regular contributor to the Zone and, when Sherry moved on, Irene took over the website work in July 2001. Her wit enlivened the Zone for three years, and her decision to pass the baton to a new team was greeted with deep regret by all her friends.

As for the current team, web designer Maria is a 20-year-old Johnny Depp fan who first noticed him in late 2001 after renting Blow; her favorite movie to date is Dead Man. Maria is also a Vanessa Paradis fan, and she has a website dedicated to her: Natalie dabbled as a Depp fan in the Jump Street days, but became hopelessly lost to JDOCD when she saw Sleepy Hollow in 1999. She regrets that she was not computer-savvy in those days and wishes she would have found her way to the Zone much sooner! However, she has given up her quill pens for a keyboard and is thrilled to be here now. Her favorite Johnny movie is always the one currently shooting; the promise of a new performance from the greatest actor of his age is a source of great joy and anticipation.

Where is Irene?

After three years of dedicated service to the JDZ community, Irene elected to hang up her webmistress hat. What she brought to the Zone—her knowledge, her wit, her thousands of posts to other Zone members, her generous financial support—are gifts too great to be acknowledged adequately in a brief message. We all miss Irene and wish her every happiness.

What is happening with the Zone’s photo galleries?

Long-time Zoners will remember that the Zone once had extensive on-line photo galleries with hundreds and hundreds of images of Johnny Depp. Sleepy still owns all those photos—plus quite a few more she has collected in the interim—and would like nothing better than to put them all on display. Unfortunately, that would cost more money than the Zone could possibly afford. Your webmistresses pay for the Zone’s webspace, and every time anyone looks through the galleries, we pay for it (it's called “using up bandwidth”). We purchase bandwidth on a monthly basis to keep the Zone going, and we must balance what our hearts want to do with what our bank accounts can afford to do.

When Johnny’s popularity exploded with Pirates of the Caribbean, his new fans found the Zone and started hanging out in the galleries day after day, gawking at the same photographs and using up precious bandwidth instead of saving their favorite photos to their own computers or Photobuckets. This practice left us no choice but to take down the galleries—or close down the Zone.

Now we are going to try to bring the galleries back to the Zone. We are beginning very cautiously, with only a couple of galleries, to test how the bandwidth holds up. You can help by saving the photos to your computer or Photobucket when you view them the first time. We plan to use the Zone galleries like museum galleries: every month or so the exhibits will change, and Sleepy will remove the photos on display and put new photos up. None of the photos will be lost permanently, and over time the whole collection will be displayed.

Where do you get all your photos of Johnny?

About 99% of the photos in the Zone's galleries are from Rosemary's personal collection of magazines, books and cuttings, and she spends way too much of her spare cash buying both new and and rare magazines to enhance our collection. Other photos are contributed by fans who visit the Zone and by Irene, Maria, and Natalie.

As a rule, we only use our own original scans in the permanent photo galleries. We'll often use images from other websites on our Breaking News page, but the pictures in our main galleries are our original scans from magazines, not 'pinched' from other sites. (On the rare occasions where we've used another site's photo in our galleries, we always credit the site that we've taken the photo from.) That's why our Film galleries don't have every photo that's ever been released for a particular film -- we only add photos that we've found in magazines and have scanned ourselves.

If you come across a photo of Johnny in a magazine that we don't already have up in our galleries - especially if it's a rare or an old one - we'd love to receive it if you're able to make a decent-quality scan of it. Please email it to us, but remember that the finished scan must be of good quality and must be your own original scan. (We don't like refusing contributions; but, on the other hand, we won't post up fuzzy, poor-quality images at the Zone -- unless the picture is very rare, of course!) We'll credit your photo with your chosen name when we add it to our galleries, and thank you wildly for it.

All photos found on this site are being used for entertainment purposes and are taken from sources made available to the public. All photos and articles are copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owners.

Can I use your images on my site?

You can use up to 5 photos from the Zone on your own site, but no more. Sorry if this sounds a bit mean, but we spend a ton of money buying both new and rare photos of Johnny and posting them up in large, high-definition images for everyone to enjoy. As you can imagine, we don't appreciate it if someone then comes along, cherry-picks a stack of our images, and adds them to their own website as if they'd bought the magazines themselves. We deliberately don't put the Zone's logo on our images because we want everyone to enjoy the beautiful photos of Johnny without any intrusive logo. Alas, that does leave us open to other people taking our images and claiming them as their own -- but believe us, we can recognize our own scans at 20 paces! Anyway, if you're thinking of creating your own Depp site you’ll find it much more rewarding & interesting to use your own scans and make your site uniquely yours.

Why did the style of the Zone’s message boards change? We miss the old open-thread boards.

We miss them, too. Unfortunately, that style of message board uses an older technology and has become obsolete. Sites that were still using them, like Dreamtools, are not accepting any new clients at this time. We had to move to a forum-style message board. Still, we have every confidence in the ability of Zoners to get a rip-roaring discussion going in any format. Be patient, try a few posts, and in a little while the forums will feel like home.

What is the difference between the Porch and the Playpit?

Good question. Discussion on the Porch focuses on Johnny’s work and his life. Posts are often quite long, and pictures are posted only in exceptional circumstances, to illustrate a particular point the writer wishes to emphasize. Relatively little is said about the private life of the person who wrote the message; this is not a chit-chatty board. When the film critic in you wants a place to speak, come to the Porch. This is where our monthly movie discussions take place, and informal discussions of Johnny’s films go on all the time. It’s a good place to ask questions about special features on a DVD or where to find a link to “In the Great Wide Open.” Questions about Johnny’s personal life also appear quite regularly on the Porch, often in connection with a recent interview or news story, but they are discussed seriously and with respect. When posts on the News forum turn into more “views” than news—that is, commentary on the news story takes over from the news itself—these threads will often be re-directed to the Porch.

The Playpit is the home of more casual conversation about Johnny. If you want to talk about how incredibly good-looking he is, and back it up with a picture or two, go to the Playpit. If you want to tell us which Johnny movie you watched while you repainted your kitchen, go to the Playpit—you’ll find plenty of people eager to talk about the movie and your remodeling plans, simultaneously. The Playpit is where Zoners go to say hello and good-night to each other, mull over the latest Johnny news, exchange pictures, play games—and also do the same kind of discussion that takes place on the Porch, sometimes. More personal information about families and jobs gets exchanged in the Playpit, but still, the focus is always on Johnny—a thread is not a substitute for instant messenger and should not be used to whine about one’s lot in life (i.e., “I’m so bored!”) or to carry on a private conversation with another Zoner (i.e., “Pollywog, are you here?”). Messages (except in very rare cases) are assumed to be addressed to everyone on the forum, and everyone is welcome to reply. If you aren’t sure whether your proposed thread belongs on the Porch or the Playpit, read the forums first; it will give you a good sense of their different personalities.

May I post a picture on the forums?

Yes, absolutely — as long as it comes from your Photobucket. We are doing all we can to conserve our own bandwidth, and we will not allow hotlinking of images on the Zone because that practice drains the bandwidth of another site. Hotlinked photos will be deleted and posters who hotlink will be banned.

Do you know Johnny? Can you tell me how to get in touch with him?

No and No. This site isn't connected to Johnny, his publicist, his agent, his family, his production company, or anyone else connected to him. We don't have any personal information about Johnny Depp; we are not in contact with him; and we don’t know how to contact him! We're just a fan site! So please don't email us asking for his personal contact details (we don't know them), or send us personal emails written to Johnny thinking they'll get through to him (because they won't). We just delete them. Sorry.

I have a letter / email / photo / song / poem / drawing / screenplay / story idea / interview request / marriage proposal / resume / audition tape / gift / baby wallaby that I desperately want to send to Johnny Depp. Can you forward my message / package / videotape / declaration of undying love?

No, we can’t. We don’t know Johnny and we don’t know where to send messages / packages / videotapes / declarations of undying love. He has no site for fan mail. Sorry.

Does Johnny ever visit this site?

No. Throughout his career, Johnny has said that he doesn't take an interest in anything that's printed about him, and that he never reads magazine articles about himself. So it stands to reason that he wouldn't visit this fan site about himself either. He's incredibly busy living his life, making movies, and spending time with his family. As far as we know, no one from Johnny's publicity/ management team visits this site either -- at least, they have never contacted us.

If someone posts on our forums claiming to be 'Johnny Depp', you can be certain that they're lying. They are either playing a game with you, or they're trying to impress you, or they've got darker motives. Don't be fooled. It's not Johnny.

Have you met Johnny?

Nope! But if any of us ever gets that lucky, we will post all the details on the Zone just as soon as we get out of intensive care. The Zone’s former webmistress, Irene, was lucky enough to meet Johnny very briefly while he was filming Finding Neverland on location in England in August 2002. You can read her story of watching the night's filming here.

The Johnny Depp Zone's original content is copyright 2001-2016 by Theresa, Natalie and Rosemary. Original HTML and graphic design is copyright 2004 by Maria, updated by Andre. This fansite has no official affiliation with Johnny Depp, his family or management. No copyright infringement is intended: images and articles are used without permission and are copyright of their respective owners.