Q&A with Joanne Harris

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Q&A with Joanne Harris

Unread postby Liz » Thu Jun 29, 2006 10:21 am

:ONBC: Hey Nooldemantras……

I hope you’ve been thinking about your questions for Joanne Harris since the discussion is coming to a close on July 1. :writer:

Please submit your questions by 11:59 p.m. PST, Monday, July 10.

Send them to our email address at jdzonbc@yahoo.com or PM us.

Please review these web pages if you haven’t done so already so as not to ask anything that has been covered on these pages.



NOTE: If we receive similar questions we will combine them into one. And we may not include all submissions, depending on how many we receive.

This is a fabulous opportunity to visit with the Ms. Harris! :bounce: Don't be shy... Let us hear from you!
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