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 Post subject: Posting on the Forums: A Guide for Zone Members—PLEASE READ
PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:47 am 
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When you join the Johnny Depp Zone, we give you the privilege of writing posts on our forums. And we hope you will join the conversation here—the more, the merrier. But here are a few things to keep in mind.

Think of the Zone as a news magazine about Johnny Depp that is read by thousands of people—because that’s what the Zone is. Writing a post here is not like writing an email or texting your friends; it’s more like publishing a letter to the editor in a fairly large newspaper. What you say here is public, not private, and it addresses an international audience. That’s why we have rules that govern posts, and we enforce them. You can find these rules on this forum, and I urge you to read them carefully. But they all boil down to this: be respectful of Johnny Depp, be kind to your fellow Zoners, be civil to the Zone staff, and be sure your information is accurate. If you can’t prove it, don’t post it.

The Zone has a reputation for accuracy. We don’t publish gossip or tabloid nonsense about Johnny Depp. We are proud of our good name, and we protect it by moderating the forums carefully. The decision to publish a post is ours, not the writer’s, since the administration, not the members, is legally responsible for whatever the Zone contains. The buck stops here. So if the Zone staff sees a post, picture or link that we are not comfortable with publishing, that makes an unverifiable claim or violates our policies, we edit or delete it, at our discretion.

We also delete posts that duplicate material that is already on the Zone—you’d be amazed at how often that happens.

The Johnny Depp Zone is a private website owned by Part-Time Poet (that’s me), its webmaster, who is responsible for paying for its upkeep and publishing its contents. (No, the site is not free, nor is the bandwidth we need to keep the Zone online.) The position of Zone webmaster is like a magazine’s publisher and editor-in-chief, and the Zone’s staff of administrators and moderators function like the editorial staff at a magazine. They read what is submitted for publication here—your posts—and, if necessary, edit them to meet the Zone’s guidelines.

I have been the Zone’s webmaster/publisher since 2004. Joining me on the JDZ staff are Theresa, who designed the present site and the JDZ Archives and created Video Clips; Sleepy, who developed the original idea of the Zone a dozen years ago and created the first photo galleries; Joni, our resident Depp expert who moderates all of the forums and edits the Archives; Liz , one of the creators of ONBC, the Zone's book club, and her assistant fireflydances.

Without these dedicated women who volunteer their time, the Zone could not exist and its peaceful community would become chaos. So treat the staff with respect; they all speak with the authority of the webmaster/publisher. Ignore their PMs and you will lose your posting privileges and access to the members-only parts of the Zone. Insult them, fight with them, reveal the contents of a Private Message in a public complaint, or attack a Zone policy or staff member on the forums, and you will be banned.

The Zone staff is here to help you. We like getting to know other Johnny Depp fans, and we’re happy to answer your questions—just send us a PM. But we are all hard-working adult women with busy lives, who create and run the Zone as our hobby, and we will continue the website only as long as we’re still having fun. It is therefore in the best interest of the Zone and all of its members that we dismiss rule-breakers and malcontents quickly. We don't want to waste our time arguing about settled policies; life is too short. If a member dislikes the Zone’s policies, she should simply go elsewhere, as there are many other Depp sites to choose from.

All new members are probationary. Not every one who registers is a good fit for the Zone community, and in those cases where there is a mismatch, a quick deactivation is best for the member and the Zone.

Failure to comply with the Zone's rules and guidelines could result in a warning, deactivation, or being banned from the board altogether.

Members who post extremely offensive material, or choose to deliberately repost material after it has been deleted or edited by the administration, will be banned at once.

Members who take a confrontational stance toward the administration or behave rudely to Zone staff will be banned.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Zone's rules and guidelines at any time.

Part-Time Poet
Johnny Depp Zone Webmaster/Publisher

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
-- J. M. Barrie
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