PW Question #10 ~ Time Travel

by Michio Kaku

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Re: PW Question #10 ~ Time Travel

Unread postby gemini » Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:52 pm

nebraska wrote:
Liz wrote:
nebraska wrote:I am reminded of the Country song "I'm My Own Grandpa." Time travel might be ok is we traveled without knowing everything we know now and wouldn't be tempted to change history (if we traveled backwards). As fun as all of this sounds, I think I am better off right here.

I’d like to go back and change a few things in my life, but the paradoxes get in my way. I can’t figure out how to change those things I want to change without screwing up the many wonderful things I don’t want to touch. Luckily, I will probably not have to be faced with such a dilemma.

Liz, I have thought of that myself, the things in my life I wish I could change; and then I realize, I would take myself with me and I would probably do a similar version of the same mistakes.....maybe worse. Like you, I feel lucky that I won't have the chance to actually travel back in time....or see many of the other theoretical events from this book.

Yes, country music has a bit of everything in it. I love the paradox in that song.
You make a very good point Nebraska about taking yourself along in any time travel and with all the same thinking that lead you through life you are likely to do it similiar again. They say history repeats itself so its hard to learn by our mistakes but maybe with hindsight.... :perplexed:
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