Glass Books Question #19 ~ Computers & Glass Books

by Gordon Dahlquist

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Re: Glass Books Question #19 ~ Computers & Glass Books

Unread postby nebraska » Sat Jan 24, 2009 9:31 pm

Liz wrote:Well, we are all real here and are connecting to each other even if it is not in person. Maybe we do share here or in email more than we would with those who we see every day. Sometimes it is a lot easier for me to express myself in the written word than in person. I have more time to think about what I want to say because I’m not on the spot, and I don’t forget as easily what I want to say, which can happen to me when I get nervous or bashful. And I’m a lot more articulate in my writing than in my conversation. But I also think that there is a certain safety in posting anonymously here vs. on Facebook. I joined Facebook about a month ago because a local friend invited me. As I was filling out my profile and posting a pic I became very uncomfortable. I have posted my picture here and it has not bothered me. But the idea of posting my picture along with my full name gave me the creeps…so much so that I deleted my account after a couple of weeks.

Gemini, I’m addicted to the computer and Internet also. It can be very hard to pull myself away at times. And I go through withdrawal when I am unable to access the Internet.

Liz, I am with you on Facebook. I have an account but I haven't really done anything with it and I think I will eventually delete it. In order to register you have to share a lot of personal information. :freaked: Although some of us communicate privately, at the Zone we can keep a certain level of disguise and reveal ourselves selectively. Thanks to the administrators who insure we are safe and at the same time weeding out the bad guys! Even on My Space you can keep a certain amount of anonymity.

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Re: Glass Books Question #19 ~ Computers & Glass Books

Unread postby Beatrix » Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:06 pm

fansmom wrote:
nebraska wrote:Mr. Dahlquist's point is very scary, though, if you think about it long enough.
Hmm, the intern here at work and I were just talking about the dangers of putting too much personal information up on facebook. (Not that I've ever been on facebook . . .)

I was thinking of social networking sites such as facebook and myspace too. I think they give people an outlet to express themselves, but it can be dangerous. I think people get a false sense of security and anonymity. Reading the comment by G.D. made me reflect on all the times I said "I'll be online for a few minutes." and I was online for an hour. :blush:

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Re: Glass Books Question #19 ~ Computers & Glass Books

Unread postby suec » Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:47 pm

I also find I'm on line much longer than I anticipate and I can lose track of time very easily. I agree about social expectations being nudged all the time too. And it is quite invasive at times. I'm getting pretty tired of spam mail from women claiming to have read my details somewhere or other - I mean, where exactly??? and wanting to marry me! I can laugh about it but also find it disconcerting. :-/ I also worry about identity theft but then I'm obsessive about things like that. And there's no way I'd use something like Facebook. But I'd swear that when my PC breaks down and I can't have my internet, that I have withdrawal symptoms.
Interesting point that he makes here.
"Luck... inspiration... both only really happen to you when you empty your heart of ambition, purpose, and plan; when you give yourself, completely, to the golden, fate-filled moment."

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