Murder on the Orient Express Question #17 Arbuthnot

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Murder on the Orient Express Question #17 Arbuthnot

Unread postby nebraska » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:51 pm

Colonel Arbuthnot versus Doctor Arbuthnot. What changed and what remained the same for you? What’s your take on updating of this character? (If you’ve already seen the movie, you are likely to have even more to say.) (Nov

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Murder on the Orient Express Question #17 Arbuthnot

Unread postby SnoopyDances » Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:09 pm

I think the movie version of both Mary and Arbuthnot were made younger to attract younger movie audiences.

In the book, I pictured them to be older...late 30s to mid-40s. The book (and even the movie) alluded to Mary being not only Daisy's governess, but Elena's as well. In the movie, Mary and Elena were about the same age, so that clue about geography didn't make much sense.

And to make the age transition work, they had to change Arbuthnot from a colonel. Someone so young wouldn't have attained that rank yet. And by making him the doctor, it eliminated the need for another actor. Character consolidation is often done in movie versions of books.

Of course, making one of the suspects the doctor that examines the victim changes the print version of the story. In the book, both the doctor and Bouc made for a little comic relief as they tried to solve the case for Poirot.
In the movie, that wasn't possible, so I think a little something was lost in the relationships.

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Murder on the Orient Express Question #17 Arbuthnot

Unread postby fireflydances » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:59 pm

I think both versions work. I am not absolutely certain one can't shoot a film that is totally in the past. But then, the movie that comes to mind for me is The Lone Ranger, which didn't get the audiences attention. At least in the US.

I would guess that the primary instigating factor for changing the colonel was name recognition/
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