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Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 9:47 am
by johnnybloom
Liz wrote:Johnny Fanatic, the group that used to come to my Oscar parties is not into Johnny. I'm thinking of inviting a different group this year--the ones who understand.

DepplySmitten, I don't live in SF. I live in Santa Cruz Co. I grew up in the East Bay, though--Oakland. Plus I lived in Berkeley in the late 70's. Where did you live?

JohnnyBloom, YES! I'm there. We are still on for coffee. We will meet across the street from Chocolate--the bistro that has the Chocolat movie poster on it's window. And next door to the coffeehouse is the boutique with all the Johnny posters. Just let me know your schedule.

:drool: :morning: That sounds like the most wonderful place to sit and have coffee. Sipping latte while looking at Roux! When I get a game plan closer to Christmas I will let you know...