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Unread postby Parlez » Sat May 31, 2008 6:23 pm

fansmom wrote:
Parlez wrote:This is a fascinating way to end his story, innit? I find it quite mysterious actually... The only connection I can make is with the mystics, who, regardless of religious or spiritual tradition, have all claimed that it's entirely possible to dwell in what we ordinary folk call 'out of body' experience. They say once you refine the mind to a certain level you're able to transcend the physical plane altogether. If I interpret Jean-Do's word 'cosmos' accordingly, it could reflect a similar inkling on his part; that there's a Universal, or Cosmic Consciousness that lies very much beyond the limits of the physical body. With that kind of 'currency' (that kind of heightened awareness) a person could, indeed, 'buy' their freedom. Maybe Jean-Do was on the cusp of discovering such a thing? In any case, I like his advice: 'We must keep looking.'
Oh, wow, Parlez, you suddenly made me flash to Star-Rover, by Jack London, (which I've just read was published in the UK as The Jacket). Written in 1915, it's the story of a convicted murderer who is kept in a straight-jacket, and his out-of-body experiences while imprisoned. It was one of my favorite books when I was in junior high school, although part of it seem rather lurid to me now.

I trod interstellar space, exalted by the knowledge that I was bound on vast adventure, where, at the end, I would find all the cosmic formulae and have made clear to me the ultimate secret of the universe.

Nice! Thanks for the book tip, fansmom! It sounds like that old rascal Jack (London) crafted quite the provocative outer (inner) space tome...way ahead of his time says I. I'll add it to me list. :cool:
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