Sweeney Todd Question #26 ~ The Burton/Depp Version

by George Dibdin Pitt

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Unread postby shadowydog » Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:53 pm

Don't know if this is permissable to do on this thread or if this has been posted before. :blush:

This is what Tim said in an interview posted in MTV's website:

Maestro of the macabre Tim Burton is almost ready to begin rolling
on "Sweeney Todd," a bloody barber tale he envisions as a hard R-
rated horror flick. "You can't really skimp on that stuff — it's got
to be what it is. It's not going to be a G-rated movie, no," he
laughed. "It's kind of like doing 'The Sound of Music' but with lots
of blood, so I don't know how that's going to work out. We'll see.
I'm excited to try it." Burton's also excited to unveil the vocal
work of frequent leading man Johnny Depp, who'll take on his first
singing role in his 20-plus-year career. "It's going to be the
[actors singing]. That's important. It's a movie, it's not a Milli
Vanilli record," the "Nightmare Before Christmas" mastermind
insisted. So is Burton concerned about gambling his multimillion-
dollar movie on a singing voice he's never even heard? "No. I go over
to his house and we sing show tunes every night. It's a ritual with
us," he laughed. "Johnny is great. ... I'm always looking for some
new kind of challenge, and this certainly is that. We are laughing
about it already, and we haven't even started yet." Another actor
who'll be exercising her vocal cords is Burton's girlfriend, Helena
Bonham Carter. But the director insisted — contrary to reports —
that "Borat" star Sacha Baron Cohen is not on board. "We don't know
that for sure yet," he said of the chameleon-esque comedian. "We're
still in the early stages of talking to people." ...

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Unread postby nebraska » Sun Nov 05, 2006 8:27 pm

Depputante wrote:It's really interesting that we can have so many different ideas out there!

Gemini and Endora,,, you both never cease to amaze me with your knowledge of Literature and Theater! :cool:

I would like to echo that comment. That is something I love about ONBC. You have brought up logistics and ideas I would have never dreamed of! We have some very educated and experienced members in our midst, and that makes all the discussions much more interesting.

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Unread postby Boo-Radley » Mon Nov 06, 2006 4:30 pm

Tim is so visually creative, that I'm sure the landscape of his ST will really put the audience in Sweeney's world in a way that the stage play/musical could never do, I'm looking forward to that. And although Sondheim is obviously being consulted, I'm sure that Tim will bring something new to the story of ST in some way. Johnny what can you say, you just know he will bring some new twist to his portrayal of Sweeney, and I imagine that even his singing won't be quite like any of the previous productions, somehow I think he will put his own stamp on it.

EDIT~~I forgot to mention, :blush: that I believe/hope that Tim and Johnny will include darker humour in their ST. All in all I think ST will allow Tim and Johnny to run with their very furtive imaginations, and that we are going to be in for hell of ride. :hope:

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Unread postby DeppInTheHeartOfTexas » Mon Nov 06, 2006 7:07 pm

Absolutely, Boobaba! And I can't wait to buy the ticket! :bounce:
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