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Unread postby SamIam » Fri Apr 21, 2006 10:53 am

Anna wrote:
SamIam wrote:That is the most creepy picture but appearances can be deceiving. We've been talking about that in my literature class because we are reading Macbeth. There is a huge discretion between appearance and reality but that's in all Shakespeare plays especially the tragedies.JD wouldn't be friends with him if he wasn't an artist of some sort because JD has an artsy side too. He feeds off of that kind of energy which I'm sure inspired his performance in TL which I still haven't seen. :bawl:


Make sure to keep Shakespeare's tragedies in mind once you get to see The Libertine!
You put your finger right on it, SamIam; Shane's energy is what makes him attractive as a human being to have around. Charisma!

Hmmm, interesting thread this...

Thanks Anna, I'll be sure to remember good old WIlly (Shakespeare that is not Wonka) when I finally get to see the Earl. Who doesn't love charisma and personality!
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Unread postby Anna » Fri Apr 21, 2006 3:14 pm

This thread has made me really happy! I'm so glad people are willing to look beyond McGowan's looks and lifestyle to try and find out why he has this loyal fanbase which includes many famous and influential people.
Brooke, if you want to know about Shane's music, google 'Pogue Mahone' or 'The Pogues' which are two names, the second being a bit more acceptable, for the same band Shane fronted for a long while. It's punk mixed with Irish folk and the often beautiful lyrics by McGowan.
Here's another review from 'greenmanreview'
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