F&LILV Question #20 - Influences on Hunter

by Hunter S. Thompson

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Unread postby Liz » Tue Sep 27, 2005 9:28 am

JD101 wrote:
gilly wrote:He was political,wasn't he?..He was into social justice and true democracy ..These were his main influences..We usually develop social consciences as children,young adults..I wonder what made him such a politcal animal?

I believe he was arrested and convicted of rape when he was a teenager. He has always denied it and so he felt he was wrongly accused and incarcerated. The justice system failed him. I have a feeling it may have started around that time, though he writes of problems with the authorities even before that.... something about a mailbox getting damaged and the federal agent that came to question him and his father left a bad impression on him. He could see the weirdness of bureaucracy at work at a very young age.

And there was the time he didn't make it to his senior prom or grad. dance (or something like that) because he had shot a vending machine with his gun because it took his money and gave him nothing in return. He was offered the Air Force in lieu of jail. He chose the Air Force.
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