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Unread postby suec » Tue Dec 20, 2005 12:06 pm

Jackslady wrote:
I have five more books on JW lined up, so his life will continue to be a big part of mine! I'm sad the discussion is over because you guys are the only people with whom I can share my little secret obsession!

FIVE more books! Jackslady, I am well behind you! I have just received A Profane Wit, so it appears I am also not done with him yet. Every time I think I have closure, I am undone again. I might be asking you for a reading list...

Liz and DIDHOT, I would like to add my thanks for revisiting the play. It has been such a rich discussion again. :bouquet:

FAN I have only just read your analysis, being distracted by the run -up to Christmas, but I am so glad that I did.. Thank you.
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Unread postby Jackslady » Tue Dec 20, 2005 3:04 pm

gilly wrote:Thanks so much for revisiting The Libertine ,Liz and DITHOT :cloud9: ..It was great talking about and reading that period of English history..I was in heaven,talking about Charles II and Nell Gwynn,e.t.c...And thanks to suec for her wonderfully evocative tour :cloud9: ..Jackslady...When is your book coming out? :-O ..Lastly ,thanks to all the contributors...you guys are brilliant...What a dynamic bunch :bouquet: .

Thanks for your kind words, gilly and everyone! Reading about John Wilmot has really upped my game, some of the books aren't the easiest to understand (for the one I'm currently reading, Essays on JW, I have to use a dictionary for practically ever other word, it takes me about an hour to read a couple of pages, lol) but through this I've improved on my perseverence. I'm a typical Gemini and will flit from one book to another, but such is my interest in JW, I've really calmed down in this regard and have got through some hefty volumes. This has helped me in reading other books, for example I'm now attempting Shantaram again and am quite into it now, at first the length of it put me off, but I think I'm learning patience for the first time in my life!

Boy, would I love to be clever enough to write a biography of my favourite earl, but at the moment I'm having a go at a little fanfiction, just for fun!

I am looking forward to more people on the Zone being able to see the film and our further discussions about it. My thoughts are with those of you still waiting, but believe me, it will be worth the wait, you have such a rich treat in store!
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