Lost Honor of Katharina Blum Question #6: Who Has The Right?

by Heinrich Böll

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Re: Lost Honor of Katharina Blum Question #6: Who Has The Right?

Unread postby MaggyCutler » Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:29 pm

RamblinRebel wrote:I don't know if I'm reading correctly, but I truly hope you don’t think I was in any way being critical about your personal choices or that I find them odd, because I don’t. Quite the opposite - I admire the care with which you are making your life decisions. In fact it sounds like you and I have very similar rules when it comes to the parameters we put around our kids’ technology use. And it sounds like you’ve found a good balance that’s working really well for you and your family, which is absolutely wonderful.

We know another family who is trying – with great difficulty - to raise their children without having an internet connection in the home. Not for financial reasons, but as a personal choice. The mom finally gave in and got a smart phone for herself so that she can have access to email, the school newsletter and everything else. But the kids stay after school or go to the library for their internet related work. I believe the school district gives out CDs of online textbooks if you don’t have a home connection. (Of course you still need a computer). At this point, if they really didn’t want their kids online at all I think their only choice would be to home school them. And honestly, thinking about them is what made me correlate the whole situation to the Amish. I can only imagine it must have been a somewhat similar situation that led to the decisions that the Amish made so long ago. In my opinion, for all practical purposes, we’ve already lost the freedom to choose whether or not to ‘connect’. Now it becomes a matter of defining boundaries. And I guess that scares me a little. (Sidenote: I also have tremendous respect for the Amish, and admittedly, I know almost nothing about luddites. I certainly didn't mean to imply anything, so my sincerest apologies if I in any way offended you with my comments!).

Heavens no, I didn't think you were being critical! This is where the words on screens fail us. And why I worry about the people who communicate these days only with texts and a few characters in Tweets.

I enjoy your posts RamblinRebel! I don't have much time on line, but I always stop by here when I can! And join in when I have time.

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