KLS & JP Q&A #3 - The Final Question


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KLS & JP Q&A #3 - The Final Question

Unread postby Liz » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:56 pm

This is the final Q&A in this series. DITHOT and I thank Kathryn and Jim for their time and interest in answering our questions during what must be a very busy time for them. :toastingpirates: :cape:

Also thanks to all those Zoners who contributed questions. :cool: If your question did not show up it was because the question was already answered in Kathryn’s book or because we combined it with a similar question.

We will conclude with a question about the late Jonathan Frid:

ONBC: We’d like to express our sympathies on the passing of your friend and co-worker, Jonathan Frid. What do you remember most about working with him on Dark Shadows?

Katherine: He was one of my favorite actors on the show . . . just as well, as we played numerous intimate love scenes! He was thoroughly professional, but playful and fun to be around when we weren't rehearsing. He was also meticulous and very specific as an actor, which is why the character of Barnabas Collins is so multidimensional.

Jim: Jonathan Frid loved the art of performance. He took the craft of acting very seriously, which included taking his role as Barnabas Collins very seriously. As a result, he did a remarkable job infusing human qualities into the character and making Barnabas a sympathetic creature. Offstage, Jonathan led a private, simple life. He was never a fame seeker but he did enjoy meeting fans through the years and was always very generous with his time at the reunions and fan gatherings. Jonathan was ultimately proud of his work on Dark Shadows even though, at the time, it was often stressful with the demanding schedule of putting on a new show every day and taping the show without stopping. He really made a huge impact and leaves a great legacy.

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Re: KLS & JP Q&A #3 - The Final Question

Unread postby SnoopyDances » Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:05 pm

:applause2: Thanks to Kathryn and Jim for taking the time to be with us and answer our questions!
And thanks to DITHOT and Liz for making all this happen. It has been wonderful "chatting" with all of our authors lately.
Now, if Johnny would just write a book... :whistle:

How fitting the QA should end with Jonathan. Barnabas made that show and I am so glad to know he was pleased with his efforts. It was a stroke of genius to introduce a vampire on a "daytime drama" and to make him sympathetic, yet never let us forget the monster within.

It's funny to hear Kathryn speak of him as playful and fun. I would love to have seen that side of him. Barnabas was always so serious. :coffin:

Thanks again!
Looking forward to the discussion. :ok:

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