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KLS & JP Q&A #2

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:51 pm
by Liz
ONBC: Did either of you help with the storyline or script in any way for the current movie? Did you advise as to whether something was inappropriate or just right for the characters? Or did Seth Grahame-Smith already have the story completed, and that was that?

Kathryn: No, we were not consulted at any time about the script, nor were we ever given copies of it. Nor did we know what we would be doing in the film until we were fitted for costumes. But then none of us were ever "consulted" by Dan Curtis about scripts, so it wasn't particularly surprising that Warner Bros didn't ask for our input. However, I made copies of my Dark Shadows books available to Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and the producers, all of whom were great fans of the show. By the way, this is all normal! Nobody was under any obligation to seek our opinions!

Jim: As a consultant on the movie, I helped with various background details pertaining to the established Dark Shadows history but Seth Grahame-Smith developed his unique blend of humour, horror and high-drama along with input from Depp and Burton of how they felt the material should be reworked for today's audience. John August, who composed an earlier script for the film, contributed some of the story elements as well that are part of the film as released.

Re: KLS & JP Q&A #2

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:19 pm
by SnoopyDances
Thanks, Liz. I wonder how much of the script was August's and how much was Grahame-Smith's? Sounds like August did the straight version and Grahame-Smith added the humor.
I'm not surprised the original cast members didn't have input, but was glad that Pierson least was consulted. Maybe that will ease some of the purists who didn't like the trailer. Or not. A purist is a purist after all. :lol: