The Thin Man Question #5 - Violence

by Dashiell Hammett

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Re: The Thin Man Question #5 - Violence

Unread postby Buster » Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:37 am

I wonder mostly about how "mental" we've become about everything. So many things are played out in the brain or in words. So much can't be done because the stakes immediately escalate to violence with objects, not hands. It's just that I bet anything that we physically touch people less these days than people used to. We are so self conscious. And it's getting worse because of the little 'communication' devices we are plugged into. We ARE communicating but it is highly abstracted, non physical, ethereal. Even the games our children are allowed to play are less physical. Perhaps we are evolving, becoming less animal and more ..... what?

Good point, firefly.
People tend to switch from words to action when emotions become more intense - both positive and negative emotions, I might add. When feelings run high, words sometimes can seem inadequate. Think of what a hug can express, or how a quick kick under the table can change a conversation...
There's a very firm line between gesturing and actually touching these days, but it hasn't always been there. When we put limits on negative physical contact, did we intend to limit positive contact as well? I'm definitely not condoning bludgeoning your neighbor, by the way.

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