Life Question #18 ~ The Emancipation of Music

by Keith Richards & James Fox

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Re: Life Question #18 ~ The Emancipation of Music

Unread postby Gilbert's Girl » Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:22 am

Liz wrote:
Gilbert's Girl wrote:I think they have it written down eventually but not in the traditional way, they write down the chords etc. I know that when the Stones get together to reherse that there are some enormouse volumes that Chuck Lavell ( the keyboardist) has with all the songs and music in it. But I agree its aquite mysterious and fascinating too.
I think bands just have the ability to improvise until they come up with something. I did watch a programme some weks agao about how songs are written and it is fascinating.

Do you know what that program was? I'd like to watch it, if we have it over here.

I'll have to try and find out again it was BBC programme

It was called Secrets of the pop song and ahowed Guy Chambers who wrote many of Robbie Wiliams' greatest hits writing from scratch with three different musicians. It was a while ago it might be on youtube you never know.

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