ATLA Question #11 - Giving Algren permission

by Simone de Beauvoir

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Re: ATLA Question #11 - Giving Algren permission

Unread postby Liz » Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:16 am

gemini wrote:
RamblinRebel wrote:
gemini wrote:Liz, I am not so sure who trained who. For the past few months of learning of Simone I thought exactly the same as you but the last couple books I’ve read were written more recently and have changed my mind. I thought Sartre was the womanizer and came up with the pact but I no longer believe it. Simone had an ongoing affair with Rene Maheu and did not want to give him up when she signed the pact. (And she didn’t) The pact was signed in 1929.

Pact? :-O I understood that they had some sort of "arrangement" but a written and signed document? If you don't mind, what was the nature of the pact? (Apologies for having missed several days! - I'm once again playing catch-up. Was that posted somewhere and I missed it? -RR)

I probably should not have used the word sign but agreed to.
I would answer but that would probably get me a wack from Liz and Dithot. Its most likely going to be in another question as I have been waiting patiently to really discuss Sartre. Don't apologise for being late, it gives us more ideas to discuss.

Absolutely. I'm glad you are weighing in when you can RR. Thanks for restraining yourself, gemini. Goodness knows that it's a daily struggle for me to restrain myself. This is an extremely hard discussion in that regard because so many questions interrelate with others. I'm amazed it's gone so well. We will be discussing Simone's relationship with Sartre on Halloween. I find that fitting. And do you know what? 2 past midnight that night (which is really Nov. 1) will be ONBC's 7th birthday. Can you believe it? So keep a sharp eye for information on how we plan to celebrate..... :biggrin:
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