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We appreciate your interest in wanting to become a member of the Johnny Depp Zone. We are always happy to meet new fans of Johnny.

You may join the Johnny Depp Zone if you meet the following qualifications:

(1) You are at least 13 years old. In compliance with laws governing the internet, we do not accept any members under age 13.

(2) You have a working email address. Please be sure you enter your email accurately, and please add to your list of approved email correspondents, so you can receive messages concerning your registration. Without a working email address, your registration can never be completed.

(3) You are not already a member of the Zone (this includes deactivated or banned members). Members are entitled to only one screen name and only one identity on the Zone. To attempt to set up a second account with a different screen name is a violation of Zone policy and both names will be banned. Deactivated members who attempt to re-register with a new screen name will have both names banned.

(4) You are willing to follow the policies of the Johnny Depp Zone as specified on the PLEASE READ forum. By registering for membership, you indicate that you accept all of the site rules and the authority of the Zone administrators and moderators to enforce them. All members are responsible for knowing the site rules before they post.

(5) You agree that any posts you write on the Zone's forums will be written in standard English. We do not allow chatspeak, text-messaging abbreviations, or messages written without capitalization or punctuation. The reason for this is that half of the Zone's members do not speak English as their native language. They need words that they can look up in a dictionary or that their automatic translation program will recognize as words. Messages written in chatspeak will be deleted, and persistent chatspeakers will be deactivated. You also agree that any message you write on the Zone will be polite--no flaming, no profanity, nothing sexually explicit--and respectful of the Zone's diverse community.

(6) You choose a unique screen name that does not duplicate or resemble any of the nearly 2,500 screen names already in use. We don't want you to be confused with anybody else!

Please note: Some words have been used in so many screen names that we have now "retired" them. We are no longer accepting new screen names containing ANY of the following words:

JohnnyDeppsterJackMrs. or Mrs
JohndeepSparrowlover (luver, luvr)
JD or JCDjdocdwench

We also aren't accepting any more screen names that begin "Depp------" (a play on words beginning with Depp, like Depprived, Deppraved, or Deppalicious).

We won't accept screen names that consist of only numbers or symbols, or names that are identical to an existing member's name except for a number added. You can scroll the member list by User Name to see if the name you want is already taken. Changing spacing or varying from upper to lower case will not create a different Zone name.

We don't accept screen names that use framing devices, like ~*name*~ or ..:::name:::... , or names that randomly mix upper and lower case letters, LiKe tHiS.

We don't accept any screen names that are sexually suggestive, profane, insulting, or hostile to the reader.

What works best now is to choose something personal--your own name or nickname, perhaps with an initial or a second word or city added if that name is already being used.

Please note--Zone registration is not automatic. Administrators review each application, and this process can take several days to complete. Do not register again while you are waiting--you'll just lock both registrations out of the system. All duplicate registrations, or screen names that violate one of the rules listed above, will be deleted without a response from the administration. You will receive one email from the Zone when your registration is activated.

Thanks for reading--we hope to see you soon on the Johnny Depp Zone.

Part-Time Poet
JDZ Webmaster

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